The 2018 Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit

The Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit brings together more than 250 CISOs and their teams from the retail and consumer-facing industries. It’s your chance to find out how CISOs and their teams are meeting key cybersecurity challenges. In this exclusive forum, share best practices, gain insights and, most importantly, network with other information security professionals to build all-important trust among peers.

The agenda addresses the key challenges and issues facing strategic retail leaders and tactical practitioners, with sessions and speakers selected by a Summit steering committee made up of R-CISC member organizations.

If you’re in cyber security for retail, gaming, hospitality, convenience, grocery—or any consumer-facing organization, you should attend this summit!




The Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC)

The R-CISC is the trusted cybersecurity community for retailers, consumer products, grocers, hotels, gaming, restaurants, and cybersecurity industry partners worldwide. The R-CISC supports its member base, representing over $1 Trillion in annual revenue, by serving as the conduit for collaboration, threat and best practice sharing, and cooperation. Through building and sustaining valuable programs, partnerships, products and opportunities, the R-CISC enables its members to grow their trust-based relationships, strategic knowledge and tactical capabilities. For more information on R-CISC membership and benefits visit us at our home page.


Retail Cyber intelligence Sharing Center