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Diversity and Inclusion in Cyber: Practitioner Panel

Cottonwood B October 2, 2018 11:00 am - 11:50 am

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Diane Brown
Brenda Bjerke
Todd Hartman
Jamey Cummings

The effort to build and sustain a more diverse and inclusive team is bigger than gender and ethnicity, it relies on diversity of thought, backgrounds, and skillsets. Cybersecurity is inherently interdisciplinary, necessarily combining diverse skills and perspectives. While the pipeline in tech is still limited, many cybersecurity leaders and teams have begun to acknowledge and act to narrow the gap. Expanding the talent pipeline is not only beneficial for people in underrepresented demographics, it is beneficial for business. By bringing together unlike minds to focus in on a problem, exceptional outcomes occur, and it’s these unique teams that enhance the strength of information security teams. In this session, moderated by Korn Ferry’s Jamey Cummings, panelists Brenda Bjerke (Target), Diane Brown (Ulta Beauty) and Todd Hartman (Best Buy), will hold a focused discussion about diversity and inclusion efforts in each of their organization—where they’ve had quick wins and what leaders should be doing to diversify their teams.

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